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Dec 31, 2012 12:30am EST
from one of lord justin levisohn's recommendations. he joins me in the studio. ross. david said he would expect levishon unless his conclusions are bonkers. >> why isn't he accepting it? >> it would cause drawing up laws to govern what the pressure should do. this really was a question of the heart of all of this. how could you make sure that everybody was involved including publishers that aren't to do so without the piece of legislation that would amount to system licensing. the law had to change. talks use similar language that would simply recognize an independent regulator in raw. this debate went for months and months and months. they were joined. it would be far more something more owneress. that's what david cameron was addressing in some of his concerns. how did it feel? >> we saw something rather different there. we heard from the two men, the prime minister and the deputy prime minister. one of those two men thinks the new law is circumstantial and the other not is not. >> in the backgrounds for a moment, you've got the last few months. will continue to cross party talks
Dec 30, 2012 9:30pm EST
margaret hodges given the parliamentarian of the year award. now off to the house of lords where the government suffered a series of defeats in secret court hearings in civil cases. the government wanted the government to hear the evidence in what are closed closed material proceed rgs. which include the public, the media and even the american who brought the case. the intelligent services could be compromised. at the moment the government finds itself unable to defend some compensation claims for fear of blowing the government of secret agents or government sources. >> we are up next since the ter techniques and people. of course, we are. >> what i am worried about is that we're giving them the victory and actually legislating to underpin that victory. >> it's deeply distressing to me and to my former colleagues to be accused of really wicked treatment in the case of torture and maltreatment. we have not been able to defend ourselves. one of the things that this closed material procedure does is it gives opportunity for this material, which may or may not reflect badly on the intell
Dec 17, 2012 12:30am EST
lord, there was a whole -- hole so large we wonder ago your greatness can fill it as we grieve for those who are lost. each light that sits before us is a light that has been lost to our world. so many innocents, so many brave, lord, all we can do is throw ourselves upon your tender mercy, trusting that you hear our prayers' -- prayers. we know those who are lost because they are not names on some west -- some list, but because they are our mothers or sisters or brothers or friends. kindred all, because if we did not know them ourselves, we know somebody who did. we pray for all the souls lost and all the families and friends who are so torn by grief. in this moment, we are all your children, a family related by your love. help us to care for these families in their sorrow and for each other in the hours. minnifield the killing embrace of a neighborhood -- may they feel the healing embrace of a neighborhood, a nation, a world. help us to remember when we embrace the grieving as our own , which brought together as one family to live together in peace and amity. help us to share of t
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3